Tuesday, August 30, 2005

First Daze

Yesterday was the first official school day in Riverside Unified. I checked with my mother in the evening to see how things went. She'd spent hours of unpaid overtime in the weeks prior organizing, cleaning, and decorating her room to make it welcoming for new students.

"No AC," she said. "All day." I doubt her school's situation was unique.

Some rooms had it, some didn't. (Divide and conquer? Gaslighting? "You must have done something to deserve the lack of air"?) No windows in the bunker, of course. Not everyone had fans. Ironically, the district had shelled out big bucks to replace the air conditioning system two years ago. Part of "modernization" grant projects.

This is another vividly depressing example of how individual teacher efforts to make the best of things can be smashed and demoralized.

Anonymous OSHA hotline, anyone?

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Andy Hilbert said...

I think it is in the Ed. code somewhere that air-conditioning projects must take at least two years.